Interactive Floor Plan Examples

Tour the Addison

The Addison floor plan can show you how to interact with the floor plans. When you are on the first floor you will see that you have stairs to a bonus room, however you can't check it now. If you leave your mouse over the checkbox for a second or two the floor plan will tell you, "Included with Bonus Room from Upper Level Plan" (PC version only). So go to the Upper Level Plan, click the Bonus Room and then go back to the Main Level Plan. Now the stairs are on! Interactive Floor Plans are smart.

Tour the Ashburton

With this model we will demonstarte the intricate relationships between options on the same level of an interactive floor plan. Let's look at the Main Level Plan where we have two Decks and three configurations for the rear of the houe, Moring Room, Rear Sunroom, and Rear Sunroom and Morning Room Combo. Clicking among these 5 options you will notice how they are "aware" of each other and disable/enable each other accordingly. Interactive Floor Plans are intuititive.

Tour the Harrison

In this model we will demonstrate one of the more basic features of our interactive floor plans. Let's go take a look at the Lower Level. Here we have four floor plan options: Recreation Room, Bath, Den, Wet bar. Initially only two options are available, Recreation Room nad Bath. Either mouse over or touch one of the grayed out options and you will see that these two options require that they have the Recreation Room. Turn on the Recraetion Room and you can now turn on the other two options. Now if you turn on those options but then turn off the Receation Room they are removed from the floor plan. Interactive Floor Plans won't let you design a house to a specification the builder does not offer.

Tour the Mansfield

With this model we'll show you how our interactive floor plans are able to retain information. Open the floor plan and select the Rear extension to reveal a whole new set of menu options. Now on each level turn on a few of the new options and then close the floor plan. Now open it again from here. It's setup just the way that you left it! Interactive Floor Plans are retentive.

Tour the Sandhurst

With this model we can demonstrate how a single item can affect every level of the Interactive Floor Plan. Check the 2 Foot Extension on the First Floor. Notice how the menu options for the Interactive Floor Plan have changed? Every level of the floor plan now not only has different options, the floor plan has also changed to reflect the extended floor plan. Interactive Floor Plans can control every aspect of the model.